Sept 28th, 2024 – Element Training Complex

Sept 28th, 2024 – Element Training Complex


  • his 4-hour course is an intermediate course. Taking this course means the student has the baseline knowledge of vehicle tactics and utilization of weapon mounted lights or handheld lights. This will give students an opportunity to learn and continue-on training in a vehicle setting with low light conditions. Students will gain practical application experience while continuing to develop their skills and confidence by applying proper use of weapon mounted lights or handheld lights in a low light/no light scenario.

Course Outline

  • Firearms Safety & Medical Brief
  • Immediate & Remedial Drills
  • Dynamic Application Drills
  • Positional Shooting In & Around Vehicle
  • Mental Processing and Preparation Analysis
  • Stress Factor

Equipment list:

  • Semi-automatic Pistol of at least 9mm caliber
  • Ear Protection & Eye protection (Electronic Ear Protection Recommended)
  • Holster OWB (Outside Waistband) or IWB (Inside Waistband)
  • Minimum of 2 Pistol (With the ability to carry magazines on person)
  • Gun Lubrication (Recommended)
  • Appropriate Clothing Attire and Shoes
  • Sturdy Belt for holster and magazine pouches


Rifle – 150 rounds of approved ammunition (No Tracers/Steel core or Green Tip)

Pistol – 250 rounds

(Ammo will be sold to students at a discounted price! Only available to students attending)

TIME: Saturday 1600-2000



Sawmill Training Complex has lodging on-site.  With classes running late into the night it is a huge advantage for the students to get downtime quickly after class to settle in for the next day.  Their rates are very reasonable, and the staff will stay there for the duration of the class.  You can make lodging reservations here:


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September 28th, 2024

Element Training Complex


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