They learned from us, hear their experience from them

I took a class with Strategic Dynamics so that I could learn how to safely and effectively use a firearm. I had never been to a range or even fired a gun before, so I was starting from square one. Matt and Ted were not only thorough in their safety training, but also patient with me and my questions. They taught in such a way that wasn’t intimidating and really made the class a lot of fun with different  “games”. I went into the class knowing absolutely nothing about firearms and my the time I left I was both safe and proficient with my new pistol. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and look forward to my next class with them.

Angie S.

A few friends and I did a private class together and we couldn’t have been happier. The experience level with firearms varied throughout our group, but our instructors did a great job of not only making sure all of us understood the safety and basics of firearms, but also making sure that no one was working below their skill level. The instructors were friendly, knowledgeable, and did a really great job with our all female group. They set up fun and competitive tasks for us, and the instruction never went stagnant or repetitive. They really did a great job all around!

Krista P.

My son and I took both the Strategic Dynamics Basic Pistol and Basic Carbine training classes and couldn’t have been more pleased.  5 Star Rating!  Matt and Ted’s attention to detail, their knowledge and experience are second to none.  I’ve taken many different training classes and these classes by far were the best.

Edward G.

Strategic Dynamics instructors are top notch. No matter what your firearm experience is, they will tailor their instruction to fit your personal needs. I’ve taken their classes, open pistol training and private lessons. I recommend starting with a private lesson first, they focus on your fundamentals and you will immediately see a difference in your shooting ability!
If you’re looking for a great company that can get you to the next level, this is who you need to train with!

Justin W.

I’ve been training with Matt for awhile now, its not only showing you new and better techniques to get work done, but he actually makes corrections to your grip, how you hold your firearms and equipment set up, to help you preform at optimum output. better to learn to get better now then when its go time….highly recommend has increased my performance to next level

Nobie T.

Matt and Ted were amazing, but to be quite honest I don’t really have anything to compare it to. Here’s the deal, I had never held a gun before and most definitely never shot one. In fact, I grew up with them in my house and was completely intimidated by them. I decided to jump in the class with some friends of mine whom love going to the range and swore by these guys. She couldn’t have been more right. These guys were incredible. They broke down every little step from how to hold the gun, aim, stand, point, shoot, etc. They were beyond patient and  didn’t really give the opportunity for any error. I started the day never having held a gun and finished in by trying out so many different kinds to figure out which was best suited for me. It was educational and fun at the same time. I especially enjoyed the games at the end. Hoping to get back in for some more classes soon. I’d recommend these two to anyone. There will be zero disappointment.

Megan G.

The staff at Strategic Dynamics are true professionals, who not only know their craft, but also able to customize it to your needs. Being very new to firearm training, I needed to learn a lot of basics, but also had to push a bit further due to the nature of competition I was training for. Matt was extremely patient and professional, and provided feedback in a way that was easy to process and apply. His attention to detail has allowed me to address several underlying issues, and once I did that, it made a HUGE difference in my performance. I highly recommend Strategic Dynamics, and can’t wait to train with them again!

Olga B.

Instructors provide experience as well as proven techniques TO DELIVER ESSENTIAL SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE TO STUDENTS.