Nov 6, 2021 – Carbine Day into Night NVG Familiarization

Nov 6, 2021 – Carbine Day into Night NVG Familiarization


This is a 6-hour course designed to introduce & challenge students in their carbine skill, day into night. Students will build confidence in operating their weapon system in daylight, low light and no light situation. This is also a NVG familiarization class to those who have no experience with night vision and to professionals who want more training under nods.
Fee will include:
-Night Vision Goggles with mounting systems
-Visible/IR Lasers
-Weapon mounted lights

Equipment list:
· AR weapon system chambered up to .308/7.62 caliber
· Iron sights or Optics (Red Dot Recommended)
· Ear Protection (Electronic Ear Protection Recommended)
· Ballistic Eye Protection (Clear)
· Firearm Cleaning Kit (Recommended)
· Appropriate Clothing Attire and Shoes (Running, Hiking Shoes, or Boots)

Rifle -300 rounds of approved ammunition (No Tracers/Steel core or Green Tip)
(Ammo will be sold to students at a discounted price! Only available to students attending)

TIME: 4pm-10pm

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Nov 6th, 2021

Tactical Farm


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